NEPAL is the place where you should be.

Nepal is the most popular destination for discerning travelers. It is undoubtly a most beautiful country filled with diverse landscapes and cultural heritages. Nepal has a greatest mountain range on earth and home of world highest mountain, Mt. Everest and in addition, the land of eight of the world’s fourteen highest mountains. It acquires thick tropical jungles with numerous wildlife, thundering rivers, frozen valleys, frozen lake, stunning waterfalls. Nepal is secular country with charming ancient cities and villages with wondrous temples, shimmering monasteries, great stupas and historical places. This country is the birth place of Buddha from where Buddism spread.

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The packages includes cultural tour to religious cities, jungle safari to thick grasslands and tropical forest, hiking to wonderful hill, cycling and biking to exotic deep valleys, trekking and peak climbing to highest mountains on earth.

Lumbini and Bodhgaya Tour

Trip Length: 13 Day(s)

Available as a private departure.