Nepal Earthquakes caused minimal damage to Everest Trails

The earthquake of 25th April and 12th May have been a devastating experience to Nepal, killing over 8900 people, ad triggering a massive avalanche and accompanying air blast hitting upper part of Everest base camp.

The government-commissioned of Nepal in their report after earthquakes revealed that most lodges and hiking trails near Mount Everest have suffered minimal damage during two devastating earthquakes in Nepal offering hope to a battered tourism industry.

According to the California-based engineering firm Miyamoto International, the majority of accommodation structures and trails near Everest have sustained minimal damage from the April and May earthquakes. The government commissioned the report into the safety of the Everest region and the Annapurna trekking circuit after Western insurance firms hiked premiums for travelers after the quakes.

“The infrastructural damage is expected to repair and rebuild and the roads blocked by avalanches in the region are expected to be opened by the September 2015. Some changes in the itinerary or route may be suggested for the trekking,” said the Officials.

Nepal’s tourist industry, which contributes about four percent to the economy, could see a 40 percent decline on last year, officials have said. The positive message needs to be shared to boost tourism.

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