Age Holidays Team

Let’s meet the team of Age Holidays through this page. They are the back-bone of this company. Please do feel free to scroll through this page and know about them in person. For further information about them, please do meet them in person at the office itself.



Sunil Raj Dhakal
Executive Director

Mr. Dhakal was born and raised up in Kathmandu. From his childhood, he had a dream of doing something for the country. After the completion of graduation in English, he started his career as a teacher and content editor in some colleges and companies. Currently he works as an executive director of this company as well as a lecturer at the Bishow Bhasa Campus. He is a sheer nature lover as well as an avid reader. In his free time, he likes travelling and during holidays, there is no point in expecting him in the office smileyAs in holidays, he will be hiking to different places. He also likes meeting new people and is a communication starter at any places. His jovial nature and dedication in his works makes him a perfect director of this company.




Pratibha Dahal

Pratibha is our newly added member of Age Holidays Pvt. Ltd. She loves counting money!! And as a team, she handles all the monetary transactions of this company.  She is a soft spoken, polite, hardworking and ever smiling team member of this company.

In her free time, she reads lots of novels. She says, she is also a good dancer. There might be piles of trophies in her home.smiley If the time permits she is also keen on travelling to new places. She looks forward to be a good manager in the coming days as she is also pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business.

Bhimsen Bhattrai
SEO and IT Expert

Mr. Bhattrai was born in Nuwakot and raised in Kathmandu. Most of his family members are Nepal Goverment Civil servants.  After schooling, he joined Computer Science course and work for an IT company in Kathmandu.
Bhattrai  travelled many part of the countries with his parents since childhood, He is very hard working and dedicated guy who also loves to explore IT world. He is punctual, dutiful and honest person and is one of the great asset of Age Holidays Pvt. Ltd!!! , He is also travelling lovers, apart from travelling he is also enjoy working in Agriculture. The story does not say whether he wishes to use his technical knowledge in farmlands. Please do feel free to ask him in person.




Sagar Lama
Trek and Mountaineering Leader

Mr. Lama belongs to the remote village of Rasuwa. His family is involved in agriculture over there. He struggled as a guide and porter in his young age. This friendly, hard working and dedicated guy loves to travel. He is punctual, dutiful and honest person and is one of the gems of Age Holidays Pvt. Ltd!!! Apart from travelling, he is also pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in English. He likes meeting new friends and is very amiable. His prompt decision making power in any situation, moulds his personality as a very responsible person. He is confident that in the coming days, he is going to work to strengthen the economy and lifestyle of his village. He also says, while he was in his village, he used to play Taekwondo. To know more about which belt he has obtained so far in Taekwondo, you need to ask him.