Special interest trips

Art, craft & architecture tour of Nepal
Art,craft and architectural tour based on Vastu Shastra, Ayurveda, Tantra and other oriental knowledges. Nepalese culinary art and introductions to local spices. Visit of famous heritage sites with local touch. Most of the writers after being familiar with Nepalese society gave common views as in the dictum “Every other building in the valley is temple and every other day is festival.” What appeared to them as festival is the native people’s day to day activities and artistically bedecked medieval edifices that is embedded with various pantheons. Infact ethnic groups were stratified into various occupational groups, which lead to specialization in the task particular group or caste was following. However Nepal being closed until 1950, the art was never industrialized and was very less influenced by modern techniques. This special package intends to guide you through these medieval traditions of creating artifacts and the art involved in livelihood


Honeymoon tour in Nepal
The common belief about wedding in the Nepal is that marriages are made in heavens and celebrated on Earth. It is the physical, mental and spiritual bonding of two souls. The other equally important aspect of wedding is the memorable honeymoon. What could be more special honeymoon than being in the Himalayan gateways in Nepal, amid amenities and services to spoil you! Himalaya is no more remote with our courtesy. Jacuzzi, spa, private yoga, Ayurvedic massage and more, all in the amphitheater of Himalayas visible from your honeymoon suite.

Shamanism Study Tour in Nepal
Shamanism has been in Practice in Nepal since ancient time. In Many mountain villages , mostly in tamang settlements it is still practiced . Upon the request of our clients we organise trips to the villages of these Shamans.Almost always these villages are on the route to some mountains and serves the double purpose of a trek as well. Shaman practice can be organised in Kathmandu valley as well.Every year we organise trek to Lake Gosainkunda where Shamans from Langtang region gather during Janai Purnima festival. It is a great scene for Shaman watchers.


Filming and Photography Tour
Where other then Nepal would you find a better photography and filming opportunity? Nepal a peaceful country and a birthplace of Gautam Buddha - situated on the lap of world highest snow capped crystalline mountains. With so many towering magnificent mountains, deep Georges, high falls, fascinating art and architectures in Nepal's ancient temples and monasteries, alpine lake, and country of national parks and wild life reserve with diverse varieties of flora and fauna, there is a great opportunity for Photography and filming in Nepal


Bird Watching tour
Nepal boasts 850 species of birds . This is the 10% of the total bird population of the world and bigger number than the total birds combined in USA and Canad together.Nepal has tropical, moderate and alpine –all type of bird Population. Wetland birds and birds migrating from as far as Siberia are also found in Nepal. The special places to watch are Chitwan national park and Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve.Our bird watching trips are escorted by professional bird specialists