We are proud to organise unique travel experiences for hundreds of people each year from a range of organisations, including schools, colleges, sports clubs and charities. We do this by organising life-changing volunteer trips in developing areas of Nepal and Tibet, providing disadvantaged communities with humanitarian support through volunteers and, crucially, the resources they need to reach their goals through our pioneering Community Development Pledge. Crucially, our work in Nepal is led by the projects and not dictated by Nepalese Adventures.

The projects are independent organisations which have been set up by residents in the respective communities we work in. This is vital for their long-term sustainability because the Project Co-ordinators know the needs of their children better than anybody. The Community Development Pledge sets out what our partner projects need and how we are going to work together to achieve their goals. This also enables us to then recruit volunteers for specific purposes, making for more meaningful, worthwhile trips.

Age Holidays is unashamedly a profit-making company but by browsing through our website and reading about the work we do, we trust that you will see just what kind of company we are - one that cares about the people we work with in Africa and run trips for in the UK.